Nathan was the new smith at the Inn of the Pintail in Ravensburg.


Before coming to Ravensburg, he was senior journeyman to Baron Tolburt’s Master Smith at Tulan. His family, his wife and four children, all perished during the sacking of the Far Coast, twenty-five years ago.

He was sent to replace Tyndal, becoming the master of Erik von Darkmoor, and the closest thing to a father he had ever known.

He helped Erik get approved as an apprentice from the guild, something Tyndal had never done. He also advised him to go to the Crydee when Otto von Darkmoor's death is announced. He stood by Erik and Roo when they were accused of killing Stefan von Darkmoor.

He married Erik's mother, Frieda and also took a new apprentice, Gunther. They evacuated Ravensburg during the Serpentwar and stayed at Darkmoor.


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