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Narab is a moredhel shaman who takes control of many of the moredhel clans after the death of Delekhan.

Narab first appears in Betrayal at Krondor/Krondor: The Betrayal along with his brother Nago.

Nago and Narab are like two peas in a pod to the moredhel chieftan Gorath.

After Gorath, Owyn, and Locklear kill Nago as they travel to Krondor, Narab wants revenge for his brother.

He manages to capture Gorath and Owyn and brings them as trophies to Delekhan, hoping that Delekhan will give Gorath the death penalty.

However, Delekhan becomes enraged at Narab for capturing Gorath and physically abuses Narab for ruining his plans.

Narab then magically releases Owyn and Gorath from jail and betrays Delekhan. After Gorath and Delekhan die fighting each other at Sethanon, Narab assassinates Delekhan's son Moraeulf in hopes of gaining control of the moredhel clans.

However, Narab is still opposed by Delekhan's widow Liallan who also seeks to lead the moredhel clans. Centuries after the events of Betrayal at Krondor, neither Narab nor Liallan gained full control of the moredhel tribes.

Narab, however, attempts to use the arrival of the Taredhel in A Crown Imperiled to finally gain dominance of all the moredhel. Whether or not his attempts were successful or not is unknown, as Liallan moved several of the clans to battle the magical threat at the Taredhel city of E'Bar and then the story ends.