Murad was a moredhel warrior who served as Battlemaster to Murmandamus.

He was described as having blue eyes and broader shoulders than most moredhel from the northern clans in Yabon. He wore golden rings in his ears and had three scars across each cheek. The scars had mystic meaning. Murad was also a mute, having cut out his own tongue. This was done in devotion to darker powers.

He is a counted a great chieftain of the Clan Raven, who are the blood enemies of the Iron Hills Clan of the Hadati.


Baru undergoes a Bloodquest to kill him after he destroyed Baru's village, burning every building and killing everyone except a herdsboy.

When Prince Arutha ventured to Sarth to find a cure for silverthorn, he was pursued by Murad and his Black Slayers. They turned back when Arutha reached the Abbey.

They met again after Arutha's party returned from Moraelin carrying the silverthorn. He was challenged by Baru in personal combat and was killed.


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