The Mockers (also known as the Guild of Thieves) is a guild of thieves that operate out of the Kingdom city of Krondor.


They deal in extortion, thievery and the harboring and transportation of known criminals from their main base, called Mocker's Rest, carefully hidden in the sewers of the Poor Quarter. They travel through the city's sewers and above the roofs, the "Thieves' Highway". At any time, there can be over two hundred Mockers, thieves and bashers alike, and twice that number of beggars and urchins.

They often pray to the lesser god Banath, the God of Thieves for protection.

The Guild has a long standing rivalry with any guild of assassins, most especially the Nighthawks, and have a standing order to report any movement they made.


The Guild is lead by a person known as the Upright Man. His identity is kept secret to all, with only three or four members with access to him.

Next to him, will be the Daymaster and Nightmaster, aides of the Upright Man, in charge of all the day-to-day running of Mocker's Rest and the guild in general.

Under them will be the leader of the bashers, the leader of fencers and burglers, and the leader of pickpockets, gangs and urchins.

Relationship with the CrownEdit

Over the decades since the Guild had been founded, the Mockers had reached accommodations with the Prince of Krondor on several occasions. The Mockers gave up their own when caught dead to rights; that was understood by every thief, basher and beggar. But occasionally an overzealous constable had the wrong lad scheduled for the gallows, or a harmless working girl or beggar arrested for a more serious crime, and from time to time trades were arranged. More than one Mocker was tossed out of gaol suddenly after the Sheriff of Krondor got clear proof of innocence—usually the location of the true malefactor. On other occasions a gang without the Upright Man’s sanction was turned over to the Sheriff’s men, saving them the trouble of arresting them.


A Mocker's training start from an early age. As soon as a boy was ready to try thieving, he should be turned loose. As long as another Mocker was not put at risk, there was little loss in the death of a thief of limited talents.

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