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Hey Guys/Girls Edit

Hey my name is Michael Smith (username: Smidy) and I am one of the administrators for this Wiki, at the moment as you can probably see there isn't much on here and we don't have many users. So I'm open to suggestions as to how we can increase our membership and start getting a thriving community going on here.

In the meantime the users that we have I think the pages we should probably get going first are the main book pages, you can find a list of these The Riftwar Cycle <--- here. Once we have these down we can probably flesh out other pages.

Some ideas I have include:

  • Getting a news article on This seems to be the current main page for Raymond E. Feist fans so if we can get members crossing from here then we can get more members :D
  • Increasing our page count and relevancy so we just up the rankings on Google, I figure if we get higher on google people searching for various Midkemia related catergories are more likely to stumble across the site and join.

Please feel free to join in with your thoughts

New Admin 19/03/15Edit

Hey all!!!

Im the new admin on midkemia wiki , if you have any questions pls ask 

cheers Harry (justharry_)

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