Midkemia Online

Midkemia Online was the official, online text-based multiplayer role-playing game based on the Midkemia series, and was free to play. It was set shortly after the events of A Darkness at Sethanon, primarily in the Western Kingdom, Elvandar, and the Northlands. It was shut down in early 2015 due to cost of royalties and upkeep.


Midkemia Online was a text-based, massively multiplayer roleplaying game. Players initially select a race, and then begin gameplay with the Choosing, or a similar racial variant (e.g., Moredhel travel to Lake Moraelin to follow the Dark Path). In this introduction, they choose from one of 4 playable classes: Greater Path Magician (inspired by Pug), Priest (inspired by the Priests of Sarth), Rogue (inspired by Jimmy the Hand), or Soldier (inspired by Tomas and Erik von Darkmoor). From there, the game is largely a sandbox that permits players to engage in numerous activities with other players from around the world.

Players are organized into Cities and Guilds (or Clans, for the Dark Brotherhood). The guilds, clans and cities offer a political game in that they are all led by elected player officials. The three playable cities are:

The playable Guilds/Clans are:

Midkemia Online also offers players a wide range of class specializations as a player levels up. For example, a Priest can join the Order of one of the Gods and learn the powers controlled by that God (e.g., Priests of Prandur gain control over the element of Fire, whereas Priestesses of Lims-Kragma can commune with the dead and exorcise spirits). At level 100, a player gains access to the Hall of Worlds and new worlds and areas.

Additionally, the game has a heavy focus on the conflict between the three playable nations, with battles and wars frequently breaking out as they compete over territory - especially between the Dark Brotherhood and the Kingdom.

Midkemia Online also offered a number of mini-games, such as fishing, a ranking of the top explorers, pokiir and blackjack, a complex crafting system that includes real-life supply and demand mechanics, and several others.

The game had a heavy emphasis on roleplaying, and its full-time paid staff (who play the roles of the Gods, such as Banath, Guis-wan, Killian, etc.) create custom events where non-player characters (NPCs) either aid or thwart players in their goals in real-time, often culminating in major changes to the game world itself depending on the actions of players.


Midkemia Online was announced in 2006 by parent company Iron Realms Entertainment, and opened in December of 2009. It has been continuously running ever since.

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