A group of horse riders tasked with the delivery of important messages.


Typically seen the best of the best among riders, Messengers are known for their speed and memory. Traveling light, they may carry written messages such as reports, but for sensitive information they rely on memory to avoid information falling into enemy hands if killed.

Messengers don't participate in battles, and aren't involved with normal military activities around camp, instead waiting for orders that need to be delivered. Due to this, they often endure considerable taunting from others.

During battle, Messengers are often riding constantly with little to no sleep or food as they deliver messages from camp to camp. This can involve riding right through the middle of combat, requiring keen awareness of what is going on around them.

By tradition, Messengers strictly rotate through assigned jobs in an effort to prevent senior members from taking the easy jobs and leaving the grunt jobs to the junior members.


Uniforms may vary in certain aspects depending on a unit's home base. The following description is based on the traditional LaMutian uniform.

Gray riding trousers, usually tight fitting, altered with a full leather seat for comfort. Trousers are tucked into low riding leather boots of black color. A forest-green jacket is warn, cut at the waist. Gold braid lines the sleeves and shoulders. Six pairs of golden buttons line the front of the jacket. Topped with a round, flat-topped fur cap. Each cap has a golden badge of the corps on one side. The badge is kept polished to a shine. The cap is worn at a specific angle. The uniform is completed with the addtion of a cavalry saber and belt knife. For winter travel, a heavy coat will be worn over the entire outfit to keep warm.

For their horse, Messengers carry a single ration of oats and a water skin.

It is often tradition to grow a mustache and "goatee", or chin beard.

Known MessengersEdit

The following contains a list of known Messengers.

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