Meecham is a franklin and companion of Kulgan.

Described as solidly built, he was tall and broad shouldered, sporting dark hair and a beard. Wearing brown leather, he owns a yeoman's longbow, a weapon of value that he stored wrapped in an oilcloth cover. A large scar runs down the left side of his face. In his advancing years, he is still considered a powerful-looking man.

History[edit | edit source]

Meecham grew up living near Hūsh. While a freeborn franklin, Meecham didn't seem to mind serving as an assistant to Kulgan. He was skilled in both hunting and cooking, and was no stranger to both blade and bow.

During a stormy night he found Pug lost in the woods, threatened by a boar. He saved his life and invited him to Kulgan's hut. This is how the Magician met his future apprentice.

Shortly before the Riftwar, before the North Pass was snowed in, Meecham with some of the Duke Borric's guards was sent to Bordon and talked to Talbott Kilrane in order to prepare to welcome Duke Borric's embassy in his mansion. Afterwords he followed the company to Krondor. Their ship Storm Queen was stranded on the Sorcerer's Isle and with Arutha, Kulgan, Gardan and Pug explored the ancient Villa Beata.

After Krondor he followed them to Rillanon where they learned that the War begun. He and Pug followed Kulgan who accompanied Borric to Ylith. The following months passed with Brucal near LaMut to aid him with the defenses. Meecham revealed his knowledge that the Tsurani were seeking metal, finally giving everyone a reason for the invasion of Midkemia. He had been the only person to have figured this out, having observed the lack of metal in their weapons and armor.

He guided a company toward the Tsurani headquarters and almost saved Pug from a Tsurani magician; however Pug disappeared when the magician teleported.

After the Riftwar, he followed Kulgan with Pug, Katala, Fantus and William on Stardock. They soon built a community and constructed a great building, resembling to that of the City of Magicians in Kelewan. The community grew, and Kulgan oversaw it's needs with Katala, as Pug was the protector of Midkemia.

When Pug went back to Kelewan, he joined him along with Dominic, masquerading as a slave. They were captured by the Warlord Axantucar and his cronies. Meecham was tortured, passing out into semi-consciousness. It is only through Pug's powers and the rescue of Kamatsu that they were saved. They returned to Midkemia without Pug, who traveled to find the Eldar; instead they were joined by Hochopepa and Elgahar.

Along with Kulgan, he accompanied a group of magicians from Stardock and the garrison of Shamata and Landreth sent to reinforce Sethanon.

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