Martin conDoin also know as Martin Longbow is the illegitimate son of Borric conDoin and a servant girl. He has two brothers, Lyam conDoin and Arutha conDoin. Martin is best known as the forester of the Duchy of Crydee where he later became Duke after being acknowledged by his father. Following the Riftwar he married Briana and had children Marcus conDoin and Margaret conDoin. He abdicated in favor of his son Marcus and went to live in Elvandar where he lived as a boy.

During the Riftwar

Martin is the Huntmaster and unaknowledged son of Duke Borric of Crydee. He acts as a scout and messanger to Elvandar for his brother Arutha during the Riftwar engagements at Crydee. When Arutha travels to Krondor to get aid Martin acompanies him they are not successful but they manage to rescue the Princess Anita. After the end of the war he travels with his brothers to the coronation during which he faces a decision to be King or step down in favor of the named successor his brother Lyam. He refuses the crown and is later made Duke of Crydee by Lyam. Martin, Lyam and Arutha travel the eastern Duchies of the Kingdom and the Eastern Kingdoms. He is present during Arutha and Anita's wedding when Anita is seriously wounded. He is one of Arutha's companions on his quest to find the cure for Anita. After they return successfully he returns to Crydee. A year later when Arutha fakes his death accompanies him to the North at Armengar in their quest to kill the moredhel chieftan Mermandamus. He meats his future wife Briana in Armengar. He is sent to get help from the dwarves at Stone Mountain for Armengar and later joins the rest of the Arutha at Sethanon. He returns with Briana to Crydee. 

Post Riftwar

Martin comes to the aid of his brother Prince Arutha during the second uprising of the Moredhel inspired by the rogue Kelewan Blackrobes. He and his elf companions play a vital role in distracting and leading away the moredhel from the rift-machine that Patris, Pug and Owen along with Jimmy and Locklear have to destroy.

The Sacking of the Far Coast

Martin and his son Markus are away hunting when Crydee is sacked and when his wife is Briana is killed and his daughter Margaret is kidnapped. He is unable to accompany the rescue party for his daughter and the other hostages because he breaks his leg. 

During the Serpentwar

Martin is an old man in his nineties but still fit and living in Elvandar he has stepped down as a Duke in favor of his son Markus.

He dies in his sleep at age 94 in Elvandar.

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