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'''Martin conDoin''' also know as '''Martin Longbow''' is the illegitimate son of [[Borric conDoin]] and a servant girl. He has two brothers, [[Lyam conDoin]] and [[Arutha conDoin]]. Martin is best known as the forester of the [[Crydee|Duchy of Crydee]] where he later became Duke after being acknowledged by his father. Following the [[Riftwar]] he married [[Briana]] and had children [[Marcus conDoin]] and [[Margaret conDoin]]. He abdicated in favor of his son Marcus and went to live in Elvandar where he lived as a boy. He died at a age 94 in Elvandar.
*[[Martin Longbow|Martin conDoin, Duke of Crydee]] - also known as Martin Longbow, son of [[Duke Borric]]
*[[Martin_conDoin_(son_of_Henry)|Prince Martin conDoin]] - son of Duke [[Henry_conDoin|Henry]] of Crydee

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