Macros the Black is an ancient magician.


Macros rhuagh

Macros fights Rhuagh

He found the dragon Rhuagh with his servant in order to learn the dragon's magic so that it could not be lost. Afraid that he came for his riches, Rhuagh battled for days but was unable to defeat him; Rhuagh then taught him as much as he could for three years and became his first human friend.

Macros also taught Rhuagh about healing the wounds of the heart and mind, and how to respect all life. Before leaving, Macros left a last gift for him, a magic rod to be used upon the dragon's death, so that no bones should be left for the scavengers.


300 years before the Riftwar, while the persecution of magicians was in its height in the Kingdom, he retreated on Insula Beata where he lived as a hermit. His reputation was darkened thereafter, especially by sailors. After that, nobody sailed to or from that island.

Before the Riftwar, his island was visited by Arutha, Kulgan, Meecham, Galdan and Pug who were exploring Villa Beata while their ship Storm Queen was stranded. After having an encounter with Pug, introducing himself as a hermit, he offered his staff to Kulgan as they left. While they were returning to the ship, they suspected the true identity of the hermit, and Pug found parchment inside his clothes with a message of Macros.


6 years into the war, he approached Queen Aglaranna in Elvandar and warned them about the Tsurani invasion the next day. Tathar trusted him as he had been a friend of his father (and Aglaranna's) before she could remember. Macros also told her about the fate of Tomas, that although the power of the Valheru could be disastrous and consume even himself, the Spellweavers (as well as his love for her) do help his humanity to preserve in the transformation.

The other day Macros aided the defense of the elves and dwarves against the Tsurani and the Cho-ja. At first he summoned all the birds of the forests against the invaders and then he killed from a distance two of the the six Great Ones who accompanied them, causing the remaining four to flee. Eventually the battle was won and Macros left.

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