Mac Mordain Cadal is an abandoned mine of Dolgan's great grandfather through the Grey Towers. It is also found three days march from Bordon in the west whereas the eastern end is close to LaMut. From the one side to another, it is about two days wide by foot.

Ages ago a great quake opened a fissure under and diverted Wynn-Ula to Mac Mordain Cadal where it falls into an underground lake.

The mine connects with some ancient passages. Some dwarves ventured into them seeking treasures however few vanished mysteriously perhaps because it was haunted with wraiths. The mine connects into many other mines, and to a human, it would seem endless. However, Dwarves find it easy to navigate them and mark tracks in them, but much of the mine is unexplored, and is no longer used for ores.

The Dragon Rhuagh withdrew in one of the forgotten palaces and was worshiped by kobolds as a god.

Duke Borric with a party of followers passed through Mac Mordain Cadal led by Dolgan, in order to reach Bordon. During their way out, they encountered a wraith, which killed both mules and left only 3 soldiers alive before they escaped; and caused Tomas to separate from them. However he was able to lose the Wraith and find Rhuagh, and afterwards was found by Dolgan.

After the Riftwar, the kobolds under their leader Feydhir took a holy quest to find the dragon Rhuagh and caused trouble to the dwarves. Their exploits awoke a Brak Nurr which collapsed the main passage and killed 30 dwarves. There was a reward for anyone who would kill it.

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