Lysle Rigger

Lysle Rigger was the older brother of Jimmy the Hand. He became the second Upright Man.

He was the leader of the Mockers (guild of thieves) during the beginning of the Serpent War; his successor was Dashel Jamison. He had been followed by James and had James in turned followed but he did not comprehend how much James knew. When he challenged James in Rise of the Merchant Prince to try and take out the Mockers until Jimmy reminded him he knew the way to Mothers.


He is the son of the Upright Man and brother to Jimmy the Hand. He was twice in charge of the mockers apprearing to remove him self from the postition to lose some of the heat. He later met Dashel Jamison, who became his successor. He was injured when James blew up Krondor and was caught to close to the fire. He survived for a little while because of a healing priest, but died not long after due to being old, caught in an explosion, and being badly burned.


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