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Lujan was Strike Leader of the house Kotai. There he was the closest companion with Saric, his cousin until he left for Tuscai.

When Kotai was destroyed, Lujan and other became Grey warriors and traveled as far as Ambolina. During the Riftwar he was the leader of a band in the Kyamaka mountains and ofter raided nearby lands such as the Acoma meadows.

When Mara of the Acoma set up a ruse of them with a mock caravan for Holan-Qu, she was ambushed and confronted Lujan personally. But then the bandits were ambushed in turn by Keyoke, with a mock army in reality composed of farmers and boys. Then Mara put forth her offer, to join her and reclaim their lost honor.

Lujan became the unofficial officer, reassuring or bullying where necessary to help get his company settled.

During the following weeks Lujan was tasked with recruiting more bandits as he did with 3 bands. While Mara left for her betrothal with the Anasati, he brought 60 other men, the 33 of which were warriors, including his lost cousin Saric, making thus the Acoma garrison to over 300.

Lujan was promoted to Strike Leader and left for a 12 days journey to recruit more, while Mara went to visit hive Kait'lk near the Inrodaka estates.

One day, Lujan waited beyond the crest in the lower dell where Mara met them and was notified that 6 companies of 50 men came over three different routes and supposed they were about to enter their estates before dawn.

When Lord Buntokapi arrived, he ordered Papewaio to go with Lujan to the other end of the vale, with all but 50 of the best archers while Keyoke would take 20 of them at the high ridge pass. He would have his men make noise so that they appear more than they were. Bunto with 30 archers would wait over the dell.

At dawn, when the raiders entered the dell with the spring to rest, Bunto's men started shooting arrows, but an officer ordered them to continue to Acoma borders. They managed to regroup and reached the shadow of the second ridge, only to be stopped by Keyoke. Bunto's team was short of arrows and following Bunto's example, they threw rocks on the enemies while Keyoke charged. The more panic-stricken raiders broke to the west only to be stopped by Pape and Lujan. The bodies and prisoners were identified to be not raiders but belonging to the Minwanabi and the Kehotara.

Keyoke considered Lujan one among the best in tactics, strategy, and leading men since Lord Sezu. When Mara returned form the Minwanabi estate and the death of Papewaio, Keyoke promoted him as First Strike Leader, and a Patrol Leader was promoted to take his place.

At the end of the trilogy Lujan was granted his own house and become Ruling Lord of the House of Lujan