Luis de Savona is a mercenary of Calis' Crimson Eagles who travelled to Novindus.

He is grey-bearded and had shoulder-length hair and is described as an arrogant, temperamental and vain man.


Luis is from Rodez, and speaks fluent Rodezian. He is a friend of the son of the Duke of Rodez and had been a part in the court functions, before his temper and violent nature had brought him to his present state.

He is a cut-throat, and was arrested for killing a guard in a tavern brawl. Like Erik and the others, he was falsely hanged and trained to become a member of the Crimson Eagles. He is shown to be a fair sword fighter - though he still prefer his knife.

He was thought to be killed swimming across the Vedra River to reach Maharta, taken by its swift currents. However, he returned to Krondor along with Greylock, his injury is his right hand was fixed in a half-claw, smashed by a fisherman. After his return, he became the assistant of Rupert Avery.

After he married Helen Jacoby and became stepfather to Willem and Nataly, he became the partner of Avery and Sons.


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