• Acaila - Leader of the Eldar who returned from their self imposed exile in Elvardein on Kelewan. He is now first among the Eldar in the Queens court


  • Aglaranna - Queen of Elvandar, wife of Aidan and then of Tomas
  • Aidan - Deceased King, was husband of Aglaranna, and father to Calin
  • Tathar - First among the Spellweavers in the Queen's Court
  • Calin - The Queen's firstborn to her deceased husband the King. Formerly Warleader of Elvandar but stepped down from that post when Tomas became the Queens Consort


  • Murmandamus - a charismatic moredhel leader who united the bickering clans of the moredhel under one banner to conquer the glamredhel ca. a thousand years before the events of the Riftwar. He was later "reincarnated" as a ruse to get the moredhel to invade the Kingdom.
  • Delekhan - a moredhel chieftain, one of the generals of Murmandamus in the Great Uprising, who, after the latter's death, assumes control of the moredhel tribes. Ten years after the Uprising, he attempts a second invasion into the Kingdom, having wiped out or bullied into submission those opposing the idea of the invasion.
  • Gorath of the Ardanien - a moredhel chieftain who defects to the side of the humans to contact Prince Arutha and warn him of Delekhan's invasion plans, hoping that an early counter-offensive will discredit Delekhan, nip his invasion in the bud and prevent another war that would be far too costly for both sides.


  • Earanorn, The King, abandoned his role and became one of Queen Aglaranna's advisors. Named her son Calin as his heir.




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