The Lifestone, pierced by the sword of Ashen-Shugar.

The Lifestone was a mysterious and powerful artifact left over from the time of the Chaos Wars. It is a large green gemstone fashioned by Draken-Korin and the other Valheru as means of last resort in their battle against the Gods. It is connected to all living things on Midkemia and operates by draining all the life energy of the planet away and infusing it into the combined might of the Valheru. The Valheru understood the relationship between the Midkemians and the Gods and knew that if activated, the Lifestone would drain away the Gods power who then would lose their sense of self.

Battle at Sethanon[edit | edit source]

By some strange coincidence Sethanon was built over the site of the Valheru City where the Lifestone was hidden. It was here that Murmandamus and his armies battled against Arutha and the armies of the Kingdom of the Isles in the hopes of activating the Lifestone and returning the Valheru to Midkemia. Deep below the city Arutha battled against Murmandamus himself while in another space-time but still within the cavern Tomas and Ryath battled against Draken-Korin and a Dreadlord. Ryath gave her life defeating the Dreadlord & Tomas was able to defeat Draken-Korin by stabbing him with his sword which pierced the Lifestone partially activating it. With the Lifestone partially activated a great rift opened in the sky above Sethanon & the Valheru prepared to return. Just when all seemed lost a great force came from the Lifestone & trapped the essence of the Valheru within in freeing their Dragons which dispersed around the globe. The lifestone was deactivated. Using a property of the Lifestone Macros was able to heal Ryath's body & placed the mind of the Oracle of Aal within it & she would become guardian of the Lifestone.

The Serpentwar[edit | edit source]

During the Serpentwar it was revealed that the Demon Jakan who had taken the form of the Emerald Queen was trying to get to the Lifestone. Again in the underground cavern at Sethanon Pug, Tomas, Nakor, and Miranda battled against the Demon while Calis with his unique heritage of Human/Elf/Valheru undid the Lifestone freed all the energy & souls trapped within. With this done everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

Legacy of the Lifestone[edit | edit source]

While the Lifestone was being undone the freed energies has a somewhat unusual effect of those who were present in the cavern at the time. Old wounds such at the deep would Pug recieved as a slave in the swamps in Kelewan was completely healed. Miranda realized that she would be able to have children and it also had a rejuvenating effect on some of the people there. Brother Dominic a man in his 70s from the order of Ishap was rejuvenated and looked like a man only in his mid 20s. With the Lifestone undone the influence of the Valheru on the moredhel is weakened and more Returnings are to be expected.

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