Liallan as seen in Betrayal at Krondor

Liallan is the leader of the Snow Leopards clan of the moredhel. She told her nephew Arkan that she was forced to marry Delekhan as part of a political alliance.

Liallan gives some friendly advice to Gorath and Owyn as they escape the Northlands in Betrayal at Krondor/Krondor: The Betrayal. She reveals to Gorath that she was responsible for his first escape. Centuries later, she tells her nephew Arkan that Narab was responsible for Gorath's second escape.

Liallan reappears centuries later in the novels A Crown Imperiled and Magician's End. She prevents the moredhel shaman Narab from gaining total control of the moredhel clans.

Liallan despises the eledhel queen Aglaranna vowing to never bow down to her. She also considers Aglaranna's consort Tomas an abomination because of his symbiotic relationship with the Valheru Ashen-Shugar.

She also travels with her moredhel clan to assist the Taredhel at E'Bar after learning of the huge magical threat posed there. She arranged the marriage of her daughter Kalina to Arkan's son Antesh.

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