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The Lesser Path was a division of magic, as distinct from the Greater Path. By the time of the Riftwar it was the current form of magic in Triagia.

Kulgan, advisor to Duke Borric of Crydee is one of the practitioners of Lesser Path magic. He can fashion a spell that protects a fixed area around his dwelling from the elements, turning what is a furious storm into only a gentle rain within the boundaries of the spell's protection.

During the Riftwar Saga, Pug begins with limited access to the Lesser Path, but when he returns to Kelewan and is captured by the Great Ones and held by magic inhibiting braces, Pug discovers his ability to use the Lesser Path to great degree.

The Lesser Path normally needs a focal point, such as a magical scroll, book or device to work through.

"Most of those who practice the Lesser Art serve here (The Assembly) as well, though they are afforded a different level of respect and freedom. They tend to be better at building devices and understanding the forces of nature than we of the black robes. They build the orbs we use to transport ourselves from place to place, for one example. While not outside the law, the Lesser Magicians are protected from interference from others by the Assembly. All magicians are the province of the Assembly."
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