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Land's End is a barony to the south of Krondor.

It is the setting for half the novel Jimmy the Hand. During the events of that novel, Land's End was ruled by a corrupt baron that was trying to use necromancy and other forbidden magics to revive his wife who was dying due to childbirth.

Locklear is said to have been the youngest son of the baron of Land's End, but this seems to be inconsistent with the novel Jimmy the Hand because the baron in that novel had no sons. Locklear and Jimmy the Hand are also similar in age so unless Locklear's father must have been given the barony shortly after the events of the novel. However, at the conclusion of the novel, it appeared that the barony would be given to a farm boy Bram, the bastard son of the baron's wife and her lover that was killed by the baron. It appeared that Bram did not inherit the barony of Land's End after and it was given instead to Locklear's father.

Land's End has a harbor, a marketplace, and was surrounding by small farming communities. The baron of Land's End lived in a nice mansion where he practiced necromancy with the help of a magician that was possibly Sidi. From the novel Jimmy the Hand it was shown that Land's End didn't have an organisation, such as the Mockers, for thieves and other unhonest people.