LaMut is an Earldom and a city located in the Yabon Valley in the Kingdom.

LaMut's citizens are known for shrewd bargaining, a love of gambling, and a strong sense of honor. They were known for the saying "To trade with a LaMutian is to throw your money away".

Its proximity to the Grey Towers as well as the elven forest of Elvandar makes the town a particularly favoured place of trade between the dwarves, elves, and humans.


During the Riftwar the ruler of LaMut was Vandros der LaMut. At the coronation of King Lyam I, Vandros was made Duke of Yabon.

As the LaMutian Garrison was one of the hardest hit during the Riftwar, King Lyam placed Kasumi, and his four thousand Tsurani men here. In time, he rose to become the Earl of LaMut.

As of the end of the first Riftwar, a permanent rift to Kelewan also provides trade opportunities with the Tsurani.

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