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Krondor, Capital of the Western Realm

Krondor is a coastal city on the eastern border of the Bitter Sea in the Kingdom.

The old city was walled, but an extensive foulburg - the part of the city outside the walls - had grown up over the years, until now it was much larger than the inner city. Inside the walls, the view was dominated by the palace, which sat atop a hill hard against the south side of the bay.


It is where the Prince of Krondor, Heir to the throne at Rillanon rules and is considered to be the hub of all matters relating to the Western Realm of the Kingdom. It is the second most important duchy in the Kingdom.

For over a century custom had provided that the palace contain a temple with a shrine to each of the gods, so that whoever was a guest, no matter which of the major deities he worshipped, would find a place of spiritual comfort close by. The order seeing to the temple’s care would change from time to time as different advisers to the Prince came and went.

King Rodric IV, to prevent a civil war decided that none may gather the Armies of the West without his authority.

Krondor features heavily in the Riftwar Cycle, particularly following Arutha, Prince of Krondor.

During the Serpentwar, Krondor is invaded by the Emerald Queen's army, only to be blown apart as part of Duke James' plan. It is rebuilt before being shortly invaded by Kesh.