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The King of the Isles is the title given to the reigning monarch in the Kingdom of the Isles. He is the most powerful man in the Kingdom

He is based on the city of Rillanon, with the Duke of Rillanon as his Royal Chancellor. The Duke is also the Knight-General of the Royal Household Guard.

The King's staff included the Steward of the Royal Household and First Lord of the Royal Navies.


The conDoin house is the ruling house in the Kingdom and all kings came from this house. Their banner is a golden lion rampant holding a sword, with a crown above his head, upon a field of purple, the ancient crest of the conDoin kings. Only the King and the Prince of Krondor are allowed the royal color of purple.

The King wore the royal signet ring, worn by all the conDoin kings since Delong the Great had crossed the water from Rillanon to plant the banner of the Kingdom of the Isles upon the mainland shore.

Traditionally, the Armies of the East can only be called by the King, the garrisons and levies from Malac's Cross to the Duchy of Ran in the east.

Crowning of the King[]

The new king will be given the old king's gold circlet by the Order of the Ishapians. Should no new King be crowned, the crown would be smashed upon the stones of the floor, and no new one made until the Congress of Lords informed the priests they had elected a new king.

He is then given the an ancient sword, once carried by Dannis conDoin, the first conDoin King, was brought to him and rested across his knees, a sign he would defend the Kingdom with his life.

The ritual ended, and he is proclaimed the King of the Kingdom of the Isles.

King of the Isles[]