Keyoke disturbs Mara's Initiation

Keyoke was Force Commander of the Acoma. He grew up with Irrilandi who ironically became the Force Commander of the Minwanabi.


A battle-scarred old warrior of over 40 years of service, his companion and body servant was Papewaio, the strongest warrior in the family's retinue.

Once he had staged a raid with Papewaio against Tecuma of the Anasati. A celebration followed with jars of sa wine he and Pape and the master had shared to celebrate the victory. They had all paid with a hangover with a great pain.

Keyoke intruded the Inner Temple in order to disrupt the initiation ceremony of Mara and bring her back to the family service. He followed faithfully her orders and then of his Lord, Buntokapi.

After the death of Jingu, Lord Desio and his advisor Irrilandi put Keyoke their prime target in their schemes of destroying Mara. Keyoke was caught in an ambush while accompanying a caravan of cho-ja silk to Jamar. Keyoke and Dekhati fought for two days behind a barricade where he took an arrow wound on the leg that festered. During the battle he realized that the Acoma household had a spy of the Minwanabi and sought for ways to send and warn Mara.

As he was about to be killed, Lujan arrived and saved his life. All that remained of his 100 soldiers and 50 servants was him and other 5 soldiers. Lujan's field healer had to cut off his leg before carrying him to the household. Musicians and a poet accompanied him in his last moments were he would die honourably of his grave wounds.

But then, the barbarian slave Kevin aroused a havoc complaining about this treatment and insisted to bring a healer for him. Challenging his honour, Kevin convinced Keyoke to live, and the old veteran consented to becoming Mara's Adviser for War. 


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