The Keshian Confederacy are the southern most political division on Triagia. It is located to the south of the Empire of Great Kesh, separated by a mountain range, the Girdle of Kesh.


The self-proclaimed Keshian Confederacy is composed of former Keshian districts which rebelled and gained nominal independence. [1]

The war dragged on year after year and the Empire was forced to strip its northern provinces of their legions and send them south. Their rebellion opened the way in the north for the Kingdom of the Isles to expand towards the Far Coast as the Empire stripped most of its northern holdings of soldiers to put down the Confederacy's uprising. The uprising also allowed the Kingdom of Queg to gain its independence.

The Empire still considers them part of their holdings, and were successful in quelling their rebellion after twenty years. They were made to pay dearly for their rebellion. Thousands had been put to death and from the few reports that had made their way to the Kingdom, the devastation had been unequalled by anything in Kingdom history - entire cities were put to the torch and their populations sold into slavery. Entire peoples, races, languages, and cultures had ceased to exist, except among the slaves. [2]


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