Kasumi of the Clan of Shinzawai is a Tsurani Lord before the destruction of the Rift. His father is Kamatsu, and the older brother of Hokanu.

In the Kingdom, he became the Earl of LaMut.


He served as Force Leader of the second army of the Kanazawai Clan, of the Blue Wheel Party during the Riftwar. There he participated in the Siege of Crydee until the clans of the Blue Wheel decided to withdraw from the Alliance for War.

After the siege, he returned to Kelewan and Jamar to meet his father with Strike Leader X'calak riding a horse he captured from Midkemia.

At his father's mansion he befriended the two Midkemian slaves, Laurie, a minstrel from Tyr-Sog, and Pug, a squire and magician's apprentice from Crydee. He showed great interest in the culture of Midkemia. He was taught the King's Tongue and was trained to ride. The two slaves guessed that his family was up to something.

He decided to negotiate a peace treaty with the Kingdom. He planned to sneak in with two slaves, however, when Pug was taken by the Assembly, he and Laurie sneaked to the Rift. While traveling through the Kingdom, he went by the name Kenneth, and claimed himself as a mercenary from the Vale of Dreams to help explain his accent.

When King Rodric IV ignored them, they went to Duke Borric. He agreed to the peace treaty, but was hurt in battle. Kasumi returned to his Tsurani camp.

During the peace treaty, Pug destroyed the rift, stranding 4,000 of Tsurani in Midkemia. They were brought to LaMut to bolster the garrison, and Kasumi was made Knight-Captain of the LaMutian army. Kasumi was the person of highest rank within the Tsurani at the time, and fluent in King's Tongue.

He led a successful repulsion of goblin forces from the Northlands and also protected the Kingdom from the moredhel. For this, at the coronation of King Lyam, Kasumi was named Earl of LaMut, becoming a vassal to Vandros der LaMut who was made Duke of Yabon.

He was wedded to Countess Megan, a daughter of a merchant seeking a broader trade in the West. Both were present at the wedding of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita's wedding.

Later on, the Tsurani were offered to return back to Kelewan. They all refused, having become fond of Midkemia and having lives and even families there now.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Vandros der LaMut Earl of LaMut unknown


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