Kaspar of Olasko is a member of the Conclave of Shadows.

He was Duke of Olasko and is a family member of the royal family of Roldem. After he destroyed the village of Talon of the Silverhawk, he ruled Olasko for several years, altough he was under the influence of the mad magician Sidi a.k.a. Leso Varen who sent his army's to scout the borders of the Kingdom. Ultimately, he wanted to become king of Roldem and unite all of the Eastern kingdoms under one rule, but his plans were ruined by Talwin Hawkins, who still sought revenge. What was logical after Kaspar destroyed the tribe of the Orosini and locked him up in a prison fort and cut off his arm.

Together with troops of Roldem, Kesh, the Kingdom and the Conclave he conquered the citadel of Opardum, almost destroying the whole city. Instead of being killed, Kaspar was banned to Novindus by Magnus, where he found out what it's like to be a farmer, peasant and most important, without anything.

He discovers that a people from another dimension, the Dasati, are planning an attack at Kelewan and Midkemia. He goes back to warn Pug and the Conclave of Shadows, and becomes a member of it. During the invasion of Kelewan, Kaspar is a general in the army of Tsuranuanni.

After the Darkwar, he becomes the second mightiest man in in the new kingdom of Muboya. He took an army of Tsurani with him, and is still a member of the Conclave.

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