Kanil was a Tsurani spy under Arakasi.


He was one of the three who served the Acoma in the Minwanabi household. He posed as a servant for Ruling Lord by carrying food to his table and stood to meet his demands; Desio and perhaps Jingu before him. Kanil informed Arakasi as soon as he learned something interesting concerning the Minwanabi or the Acoma

Tasaio as well as First Adviser Incomo had suspected the existence of Acoma agents. By an elaborate plot giving out inaccurate information, they managed to pinpoint who the spies were and Kanil was exposed.

While plotting an ambush targeting Keyoke, Desio proposed to use one of the exposed spies to lure also Lujan to their deaths.

They called for Kanil and took him to a torture room. While torturing and bruising him, they laughed about how they knew Mara's plan of mock wagons to Sulan-Qu, and sending 300 men against the real silk shipment, the one guarded by Keyoke. According to their plan, they openly stated that "The attack will happen on the road through the Kyamaka Mountains, beyond the Tuscalora border, in a place where wagons must climb up out of a depression toward a western ridge."

When Kanil lost consciousness, his torturers left him alone to escape.


When Kanil awoke he found the door unguarded and saw soldiers rushing to board boats and cross the lake and stowed away on a supply boat. He passed out again, and when he gained again consciousness, the flotilla was docked at Sulan-Qu. There were only two guards at the far end of the docks, so he slipped off into the city to find Keyoke.

Despite his woeful state, he managed to walk all the way until the Acoma estate and warn Mara. He approached a caravan and was seen by Strike Leader Lujan who tended him and called a healer. Seeing that none of those around knew him, he whispered the password

-Akasis bloom... -in my lady's dooryard; The sharpest thorns -...protect sweet blossoms.

Kanil then narrated his torture and escape, and realized that he was in the wrong caravan, not Keyoke's. He also told Lujan that he knew about the false caravan not from Arakasi himself, but from his torturers, who also knew the secret.

Lujan then ordered a patrol and wagon to take him to Mara and then half a company to guide the rest of the wagons safely to the Acoma warehouses in Sulan-Qu. Worried, Lujan also went to warn and protect Keyoke, unknowingly spring the Minwanabi trap

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