Kait'lk was a hive on Kelewan close to the estates of Ruling Lord of the Inrodaka.

During the Riftwar, the hive spawned a cho-ja queen. Lord Inrodaka promised to Techachi of the Ekamchi exclusive rights to negotiate with the queen. However his promise was broken because Mara of the Acoma learned the secret of the queen birth and she managed to negotiate with her. She was the first human to ever ask to enter the hive and visit the queen, and the first to do so.

On her exit from the hive, their joint forces went to confront her, but the fight was prevented by Lax'l. The two Lords retreated angry from the field and the young queen moved on to the Acoma estates.

Members of the hive were Ixal't (Force Commander), Lax'l and Ratark'l

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