Great niece of the governor Lord Abdur Rachman Memo Kazara-Khan of Jal-Pur in northern Great Kesh, who is suspected by the Krondorian intelligence as the Head of Keshian intelligence.


Stardock Edit

Jazhara went, against the wishes of her father and great uncle, to the Academy of Magic on Stardock. While on Stardock she had a relationship with one of her teachers, who later left Stardock, after some persuasion by her great uncle. Later she had a short-lived relationship with young William conDoin, Pug’s son. She excelled at her studies and became one of Pug’s best students, eventually being recommended by Pug to Prince Arutha of Krondor as his magical advisor.

Krondor Edit

Jazhara's arrival in Krondor was preceded by a lot of debate because of her Keshian birth, her relationship to Governor Hazara-Khan as well as her being a woman. However, she quickly proved her worth as well as her allegiance to Prince Arutha and the Kingdom of the Isles in the recovery of the Tear of the Gods.

Later Life Edit

it is said in the Serpentwar that Jazhara died a few years after her quest with James. The consequence of this was William never loved again.

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