Jarwa was Jatuk's father and high king over all of Shila. Lord of the Nine Oceans, Jarwa's total conquest of Shila stopped when a mad priest opened a rift to the demon realm. Maarg's captain Tugor led the Demon Legion into Shila and a great war was fought. In the end the Saaur suffered heavy losses to the demons. Seeing little hope in defeating their adversary, Jarwa was approached by a pantathian who offered his services if the Saaur but fought for his race for thirty years. Jarwa agreed and sent his warriors and population through the rift. He stayed behind after giving his son Jatuk the legendary sword of the kings, "Blood Drinker." Jarwa took his son's sword and faced off against Tugor. Here Jarwa met his end by Tugor's hands, but he did what was best for his people and ensured the survival of his race from Shila.

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