James Dasher Jamison, also known as Jim Dasher, Quick Jimmy or Jimmy Hand (after his great-great grandfather, Jimmy the Hand) is a minor noble of the Kingdom (Baron of the Prince's Court), spymaster and Upright Man of the Mockers. He is also a member of the Conclave of Shadows. He secretly trained Talwin Hawkins to become his successor as the spymaster of the Isles before retiring alongside Francesca, spymaster to the kingdom of Roldem.

He was a major actor in the Chaoswar Saga which saw the spy networks of Great Kesh, The Kingdom of the Isles and Roldem severely compromised by the agents of the Dread King. Working with Franciezka and Kaseem abu Hazara-Khan, spymasters to Roldem and Great Kesh respectively manages to warn the Conclave of Shadows and the Isles of the impending threat from the north. This allowed the Conclave to respond in time to aid the Taredhel in containing the Dread long enough to allow Tomas and Pug to close the portal.

Working with Lord Hazara-Khan

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