Izmalis is a brotherhood of warriors, famous as bodyguards and the finest protection available to the nobility of the Empire of Great Kesh.


Rumor had it they were highly trained spies and, occasionally, assassins. Their abilities were nearly legendary. They were reputed to be everything just short of ghosts in their ability to come and go undetected. It is said the Izmalis have their own tongue, that no one outside their clan may learn.

They are similar to the Nighthawks of the Kingdom of the Isles, in that they are fanatics who would rather take their lives than be captured. The two groups considered each other as kin, and many Nighthawks has their origins from the Izmalis.


They mostly operate in Kesh but do occasionally operate in the Kingdom.

Ambassador Abdur Rachman Memo Kazara-Khan has them as bodyguards when he attended the wedding of Prince Arutha and Princess Anita.

They also tried to kill the Crown Prince of Olasko while on a visit to Krondor. However, they did not succeed thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant William, son of Pug of Stardock.

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