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Ishap is the Greater God of Balance, and supposedly the creator of all the Midkemian Gods. He is also called "The One Above All", "The Balancer", and "The Mytrix".

He died in the events of the Chaos Wars, though this is not known to the general public, except for high ranking priests of his Order and select members of the Conclave of Shadows. The followers of Ishap are an insular group and have strange beliefs. They are the oldest order known and are recognized as the senior church in questions pertaining to interdenominational differences.

The priests of Ishap, located on Rillanon, are instrumental in the choosing and ordaining of the King of the Isles. The abbey of Sarth is maintained by the priests of Ishap, and is considered the largest library in the world.

He appears to Pug at the end of Magician's End in the form of a man in white and provides some information to Pug about how he revives constantly and is instrumental in granting Pug's final request to revive his son Magnus in his place.