Incomo is the First Adviser of the Minwanabi during the rule of Jingu and then of Desio. Incomo during his career had managed to thwart several intrusions to the household by other House enemies. He was an early riser, inspecting the estates with the hadonra Murgali and he spent afternoons over paper work.

He witnessed the plan of his master against Mara of the Acoma and how she escaped his trap, dishonoring him, and forcing him to take his own life.

At the first days of Desio's rule, he struggled to make his mind stick to the business of the household. He suggested that Desio should bring back the capable cousin Tasaio from Midkemia to aid him in his revenge against the Acoma. In his deepest thoughts, Incomo wished that Tasaio was his {[Ruling Lord]], rather than the unskilled Desio.

During the ceremony, Incomo pondered, and thought that Mara could avoid Jingu's plans only with the help of a spy in their own household. Something Tasaio also reinforced after the end of the ceremony.

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