Ichindar was the 91st Emperor of Tsuranuanni and ascended the throne while Almecho was the Warlord. He reigned during the Riftwar.

His first wife was Lady Tamara and their eldest daughter was Jehilia.

History[edit | edit source]

Feeling that the Riftwar is bleeding the Empire of its resources, he was convinced by the Shinzawai and other members of the Blue Wheel Party to involve himself in the Game of the Council and make a treaty with the Kingdom. During the meeting with Lyam, Macros the Black intervened in order to destroy the rift. As a result the meeting turns into a bloodbath and Ichindar felt betrayed. A treaty was not achieved, but the rift was destroyed and nevertheless the war ended.

His failure to secure peace forced the Ichindar's hand and he returned to a life of peaceful contemplation as was normal for the Emperor's of Tsuranuanni.

When the renegade Great One Milamber uncovered a plot to seize power by the new Warlord, the Emperor dissolved the High Council, taking up a more influential role than as just a spiritual ruler.

With the help of Lady Mara of Acoma, he took the staffs of the Five Great Families, including Tasaio of the Minwanabi, and forever abolished the office of the Warlord. Its powers he claimed and created new offices: Kamatsu of the Shinzawai became the Imperial Chancellor; Frasai of the Tonmargu is the Imperial Overlord, Hoppara of the Xacatecas his second-in-command. To Mara he rewarded him with the title of Servant of the Empire, officially adopting her into his family.

Because he had fathered only daughters and no sons, many vied for his daughters in marriage in the hope of becoming the next emperor. He was assassinated by a minor noble from House Omechan, as part of a plot by Jiro of the Anasati to seize the position of Emperor.

Ichindar was succeeded by Justin of the Acoma, who was wed to Jehilia.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
unknown Emperor of Tsuranuanni Justin of the Acoma
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