Hochopepa is a Greater Path magician in the Assembly in Kelewan.

He is described as a stout man who enjoyed sweets and an old practitioner of Tsurani politics of all stripe. He was married although he only saw his wife on prescribed holidays.


It was Hochopepa's undecided vote in the Assembly that allowed Pug to gain his position. He became a close ally of Pug's and when it was discovered that the Enemy was about to return.

He was one of the magicians who returned to Midkemia along with Elgahar to aid in the training of the new magicians at Stardock. At the battle of Sethanon, he and Elgahar aided Pug and Macros in preventing the return of the Enemy in Midkemia.

He was present during the ritual suicide of Tasaio and his family, signifying the end of the Minwanabi line.

During the struggle between the Anasati and the Acoma, which eventually went to civil war after the death of the Emperor Ichindar, he requested the Assembly not to take a hand, allowing the conflict to be resolved naturally. This puts him in opposition to Tapek, who wants a more aggressive approach.

He is part of a party of Great Ones who went to Kentosani to bring punishment to Mara but was surprised that they saw the coronation of Justin, Mara's son as ninety second Emperor. After an impasse, the Assembly decided to back down and not to kill Mara, bringing a new order to the Tsuranuanni Empire.


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