Highcastle is a frontier town and a barony located on the western side of the Teeth of the World. It is the largest one of the three Border Baronies of the Kingdom. The other two were Northwarden and Ironpass.

Military AspectsEdit

Highcastle is primarily used to drive back the moredhel and goblins of the North. It defends a small path, the Cutter's Gap, which is ideal for defense.

It is told at any one time, Highcastle's garrison has roughly 2,000 soldiers, which often patrol westward towards Tyr-Sog, and eastward towards Northwarden.


Roald once commented on how 30 mercenaries held off 200 goblins at Highcastle during the Riftwar.

During the Great Uprising, Prince Arutha, Guy du Bas-Tyra and his group escaped to Highcastle after blowing up Armengar. They were received by Baron Brian Highcastle, who did not believe their word about the army of moredhel and goblins.

They were able to escape the fortress as it was overrun by Murmandamus' army, killing the baron himself.

After the death of Lord Brian, Lyam I named Baldwin de la Troville as Baron of Highcastle.

Since then, the fortifications there was reinforced to discourage further incursions into the Kingdom of the Isles.

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