Henry V conDoin, also known as Hal was King of the Isles after the Fifth Riftwar.

Hal was the first of the three sons of Henry, Duke of Crydee during the Chaoswar. His middle brother was Martin conDoin and his youngest brother was Brendan conDoin and Hal was close to both. Hal was to be betrothed to Bethany, who instead becomes betrothed to Martin due to their mutual feelings for one another with Hal's blessing.

Hal inherited the title of Duke of Crydee from his father Henry after his father dies defending Crydee from an invasion by the Keshian Confedaracy.

Prior to his father's death he was called Lord Harold or Hal, but afterwards would only referred to as Hal or Henry, Duke of Crydee. Hal is a talented swordsman and is second only to Tyrone Hawkins in the Master's Court. Throughout the events of the Chaoswar books, Hal and Ty rescue Princess Stephané of Roldem and are targeted by assassins and with Lady Franciezka's help, escape Roldem. During this time, Hal and Stephane develop an infatuation for one another.

During the civil war in Magician's End, Hal supports Prince Edward of Krondor's claim to the throne and joins with Edward agaist Prince Oliver during the civil war that occurs after the Keshian invasion. Hal wins the civil war in Edward's favour by capturing Oliver, but Edward is injured by his horse collapsing on him.

At the end of the civil war, due to Edward's injuries,  Hal is crowned King of the Kingdom of the Isles and marries Princess Stephané of Roldem.


Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Gregory King of the Isles
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