Tholin's hammer

Dolgan holding the Hammer of Tholin

Hammer of Tholin was a magic weapon of power, symbol for the last dwarf King, Tholin.


It was forged in the ancient hearths of Mac Cadman Alair. The head was made from a silver metal that shone in the lantern light with bluish highlights. It was adorned across its side with carved dwarven symbols. Its haft was carved oak, with scrollwork running the length. It was polished, and the deep rich gram showed through the finish.


It was long removed from the dwarves and it came into possession of Rhuagh the dragon.

When Tomas and Dolgan Tagarson found the dragon, Rhuagh said that he wished Dolgan to take a gift. Thus the Hammer returned to dwarven hands.

The Hammer was later buried in a mine-collapse during the destruction of E'Bar.

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