The Hall of Worlds also known as the Universe Hall, The Star Walk, The Gateway Path or more commonly The Hall is one of the mysteries of the universe. It is described as a yellow-white path approx 20ft wide with rectangular silver doors spaced apart every 50 feet or so between which is the nothingness of the void. It is said that the Hall of Worlds connects to every world in the universe.

The inhabitants of the Hall can be divided into three types. Denizens make a permanent residence in the Hall. Sojourners are typically travelers who use it to travel between worlds. And on occasion, there are beings who stumble into the Hall by accident and could not find their way back.

One such was a human known as Honest John. He stumbled upon the Hall and decided to open an establishment catering to every denizen of the Hall. As of recently, the tavern spans a very large area, with continuous expansions in progress. The tavern is magically protected to ensure neutrality. Another useful enchantment is one that translates languages so that beings from different worlds may communicate with one another. It is said that one could find all manner of services in the tavern, bartered with every kind of currency, from precious metals, to souls of babies, to wishes.

Pug and Tomas first encountered the Hall when they escaped from the Garden with Macros the Black, at the beginning of time. Even then, the Hall appears as it does in the present, although many of the doors lead to planets of molten rock. Pug would utilise the Hall again many years later, as a source of information, gossip, and hiding place. Miranda also had knowledge of the Hall and how to access it from Midkemia, to which she used to try to find Pug. She encountered a strange mercenary, Boldar Blood, whom she hired as a guide and bodyguard.

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