Hadati is a name for a race of men living in the Yabon Hills.


When the Kingdom came to Yabon, the Hadati were a loose association of clans. Some welcomed the Islemen while others did not. For the most part, the Hadati kept to their old ways, living in the highlands and herding their sheep and cattle. But those in the towns quickly were absorbed into the culture of the new settlers. In time, there was little difference between Yabon city men and those of the Kingdom. Some resented the Kingdom, though, and resistance became war. The rebellion was quickly crushed but a remnant chose neither to bow before the Kingdom of the Isles nor fight and fled north to new homes beyond the control of the Kingdom.

Hadati who live in Yabon have taken much from the Kingdom, the names of their gods, and most of their language, but there is much of the old ways the Hadati keep despite Kingdom influence. The Hadati belief in honor, duty, and the greater truths of existence are surprisingly similar to the Tsurani belief in the Way and the Wheel.

The ancestors of the Hadati bred the large canines known as the Beasthounds. Those who mastered the hounds were known as Beasthunters.

Known HadatiEdit

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