Gruder was the commander of an army ordered to help protect the Grey Tower Mountains, under the command of the Vandros der LaMut and baron of an estate in the Yabon province.


Considered one of Duke Sutherland's's men, Gruder was a minor noble from the Yabon province. He was seen as as a succinct, by the book leader, but lacking in social skills. As did several other nobles, he did not like being second in command to Vandros, who he saw as a foreign Earl.


Gruder's army consisted of soldiers from various communities. His cavalry included lancers from LaMut and light cavalry from Zūn. On foot were heavy foot soldiers from Tyr-Sog and Ylith.

Gruder's army spent the seventh year of the Riftwar year fighting off Tsurani forces and their Cho-ja allies.


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