Grey warriors are clanless former Tsurani soldiers, the houses and families they served been obliterated. Without a House to serve, and without their masters' leave to take their own life honorably, they lived without honor, purpose or identity and usually banded in the mountains and raided nearby towns.

They owed their names to the lack of a House color.

The grey warriors of the Kyamaka mountains were commanded by Lujan, former Strike Leader of the Kotai and about 60 were soldiers from houses such as Saydano, Almach, Raimara and other houses most of which had been destroyed in Almecho's rise to the office of Warlord, just before Ichindar's succession to the throne of the Tsuranuanni Empire.

Once they stole several needras from the Acoma ranch. The next day, Mara decided to make a ruse to them and with Papewaio and a stock of low quality tzyza and needras entered the Kyamaka forest. When she confronted an army of ~150 bandits and Lujan, Keyoke with his subcommanders Mesai, Ansami, Dacoya and Hunzai ambushed them.

Just before the rift collapsed, several gray warriors slipped from it into Midkemia. Lyam I and Ichindar granted them freedom and new status there.

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