The Great Uprising refers to the conflict between the Kingdom and the army headed by the moredhel, Murmandamus. His objective was Sethanon.


Peace reigned in the Kingdom after the closing of the rift by Pug and Macros the Black, thereby ending the Riftwar. Lyam conDoin, son of Duke Borric conDoin inherited the throne and named his brother Arutha as Prince of Krondor and Martin as Duke of Crydee.

However, trouble was brewing in the air. In the Northlands, in the city of Sar-Sargoth clans of moredhels, along with goblins, trolls and giants, flocked to the banner of a moredhel chieftain named Murmandamus. He and his priest, Cathos, had been assembling their army even before the start of the Riftwar, and now waiting for the perfect time to do what they believe is their destiny.


The harmony was broken at the wedding of Prince Arutha to his betrothed, Princess Anita, as she was struck by a bolt with poison. The Prince of Krondor now had to find the cure for her and was advised to find his answers in the libraries of the Abbey of Sarth. On his way, he was pursued by Murmandamus' Black Slayers headed by his Battlemaster, Murad. They reached the abbey, and were able to learn that the Spellweavers of Elvandar had information about the plant.

Meanwhile, Pug returned to Kelewan to look for information after discovering that The Enemy was coming back. He was branded a traitor on this world, and was only able to escape execution by mastering his other gifts and with a little help from his allies, the Shinzawai. After this, he journeyed through the lands of the Thun, and discovered Elvardein, where he stayed to learn magic.

Arutha learned through the Spellweavers of the location of Silverthorn: Moraelin. He then approached the lake with his companions and was able to collect the needed plants and escape. However, due to fatigue, they were slow to reach Elvandar and were caught up by Murad and his Black Slayers. Through the efforts of Baru, Murad was killed and the entire party escaped and were rescued by Tomas.

They all returned to Krondor and were able to cure Anita.

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