The Great Kesh was an Empire that contained also the lands ranging from the Endless Sea across the Grey Tower Mountains to the Bitter Sea.

On one small island called Rillanon, a kingdom grew to engulf its neighboring island kingdoms, and it became the Kingdom of the Isles. Later it expanded again to the mainland.

The Keshian Confederacy, a group of small nations who had existed as tributaries to Great Kesh for centuries, united against their oppressor. Each alone was insufficient to contest with Great Kesh, but united they proved its match. Too close a match, for the war dragged on year after year. The Empire was forced to strip its northern provinces of their legions and send them south, leaving the north open to the advances of the new, younger Kingdom and the Empire abandoned these lands.

Nicholas conDoin, (youngest son of the King) brought the army westward to the province of Bosania, extending the Western Realm forming the Duchy of Crydee.

Now it is located to the south of the Kingdom of the Isles occupying most of the southern region of Triagia and is the largest political entity on the continent with many differing peoples and cultures.

The Kingdom and Kesh have experienced a constant outlet in the territorial disputes over the Vale of Dreams. Although initially opposed by the Crown, the independence granted to the Magicians at Stardock would become the Kingdom's best guarantee against Keshian incursion.

In the ancient Imperial City of Kesh on the shores of Overn Deep, the Empire is ruled by "She/He who is Kesh" - an Empress or Emperor who enjoys god-like status. Those of the royal family, no matter how distant a relation, are known as "Truebloods" and consider themselves to be the only true Keshians. Very instrumental in upholding the Empire's rule are the Izmalis, the legendary Shadow Warriors of Kesh- spies and assassins.

Known Keshians Edit

Asham Ibin Al-Tak, Awari, Beruck, Beshan Solan, Chezarul, Dahab, Dangal, Demetrius, Diigai, Gardan, Gresh, Jacob Ishandar, Jaka, Jehansuz Hazara Khan, Jomo Ketlami, Kafi Abu Harez, Lakeisha, Luten, Rasajan, Shakon, Nirome, Sharana, Sula Jafi Butar

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