The Godkiller was a small fragment of the Nameless One, its physical form being that of a small black gem that glowed with a purple light. For a long time it was thought to be housed inside the strange warrior Ralan Bek. It was actually contained within the body of Leso Varen, the mad necromancer. At the end of the Darkwar Varen jumped into the portal that was contained within the Black Dome on Kelewan that lead to the pit of His Darkness the Dark God of the Dasati on their homeworld Omadrabar. As he fell through the pit he was noticed by Nakor who used his remaining magic to seize Varen and bring him next to him. He then reached into Varen's chest and removed the Godkiller. When His Darkness began his ascent to Kelewan, Nakor flicked the gem from the palm of his hand after His Darkness, and the gem drew all the energy into it as it followed the Dark God up the tunnel. This effectively sealed Omadrabar off from His Darkness, so he could not return.

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