A goblin attacking Pug at the Grey Towers cave

Goblins are humanoid creatures that are associated with the Morehdel.


They are smaller than men with blue-green tinged skins.

They have thick browridges with sloping foreheads, topped by thick black hair. Their huge around eyes, are yellow with black irises. They wear long fang-like teeth.


An intelligent and benevolent race of goblins perished long before humans came to the Bitter Sea. Their survivors were brought to Sorcerer's Isle by Macros the Black, including his faithful servant, Gathis.

Goblins along with trolls and moredhel trouble human cities. Some were to be found in the Northlands. The Border Baronies protected the Kingdom of the Isles for their threat. Jonril, Yabon, Highcastle, Tyr-Sog.

About 10 years before the Riftwar, moredhel stirred up the goblins against Crydee.

Shortly before the Riftwar, goblins attacked the company of Duke Borric outside the Grey Towers, until rescued by Dolgan.

During the Riftwar the Tsurani had an encounter with goblins at the shore of the Lake of the Sky. Golbins and moredhel were one of the fronts the Tsurani fought against during their invasion against Midkemia.

Knight-Captain Kasumi led a successful repulsion of goblin forces from the Northlands.

Goblins along with other renegade creatures gathered undel Murmandamus against the Kingdom so they he could access the Lifestone buried under Sethanon.

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