Garret is the Huntmaster of Crydee.


On his day of Choosing he was picked by Huntmaster Martin Longbow to be trained as a tracker and forester.

Garret excelled in markmanship. Martin said that he chose him not from any act of kindness but because of his ability to stand calmly, do as ordered, and do it with skill, even in the eye of the storm.

During the Riftwar he was among Martin's trackers, tracking for Tsurani bands. Before the siege of Crydee, Garret and Martin witnessed a crowd of moredhel migrating northward. After seeing a band of Tsurani following, they tricked them and lead them right on the moredhel. The next day, Martin and Garret were in the castle, and participated in the Siege of Crydee.

He succeeded Martin as Huntmaster after Martin is elevated to become Duke of Crydee. After the sacking of Crydee, he helped in restoring the town and the castle.


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