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Gardan is a soldier in service to the house of conDoin.

He risen from sergeant of Duke Borric's guards to become the Captain of the Prince's Royal Household Guard, Knight-Marshal of Krondor, before finally becoming the Duke of Krondor, under Prince Arutha.

He was a tall, friendly man with dark skin and beard, of Keshian ancestry. He stood nearly as broad in the shoulders as Meecham, with the same loose-gaited movement of a hunter or fighter. Though his black hair was lightly dusted with grey, his face was young-looking and unlined. As he gets older, his beard became whiter in color, in dark contrast to his skin. But he still had the alert eyes of one whose mind had lost none of its edge and a ready smile for the royal children.

His brother was the cartwright Jeheil who also tutored his two elder boys. His youngest, Faxon, became the Horsemaster after Algon.


Gardan accompanied Duke Borric and Arutha to Krondor to warn Prince Erland about a possible Tsurani invasion. While there, Gardan was send with his soldiers for Crydee with messages to Lyam.

During the Riftwar, he helped Prince Arutha prevent the castle of Crydee from being overrun by the Tsurani as his second-in-command. The Tsurani strike commander, Kasumi, regarded Gardan as "the black giant on the castle wall". After the end of the war, he accompanied Prince Arutha to Krondor to aid him.

He led a company to assist Arutha in capturing the Nighthawks' agents and another one in destroying their headquarters. After Princess Anita was poisoned, he again accompanied Arutha to Sarth. He is ordered to escort Dominic to Stardock to ask for Pug's help.

Following the death of Earl Volney, Gardan was promoted to Duke of Krondor. He was proven to be an able administrator and a gifted soldier. He is only bested in the blade by three person: Swordmaster Fannon, Duke Borric and Prince Arutha.

He led another company in an assault to the newest Nighthawks' headquarters; however it failed. Also he led the garrison of Krondor in reinforcement for the Battle of Sethanon.

When he retired, Earl James thought he will succeeded him, but Arutha gave Gardan's office to Earl Geoffery of Ravenswood while Locklear became the next Knight-Marshal of Krondor. He spent the remaining days of his life fishing and telling stories at Crydee.


In Magician, when Borric is in Krondor, he sends Gardan back to Crydee; however later when Borric speaks with Lord Kerus at Salador, Gardan is mentioned to be there with them.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Lord Dulanic Duke of Krondor Earl Geoffrey of Ravenwood

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Lord Dulanic Knight-Marshal of Krondor Baron Locklear of Land's End